what makes up our upcycled leathers?

Any of the woven or chevron stitched components are upcycled. As a result, we are only able to make limited editions of the collections. 

The upcycled leathers are either scraps generated from the factory's production cycles, dead stock, or "lower selection" raw hides which would be otherwise cast aside by brands and customers. 

Glimpses of the tannery at Prachi Leathers

Glimpses of the tannery at Prachi Leathers

Lower selection hides are categorized into b-grade, or c-grade leathers. These leathers are not lower quality - but are set aside as because they contain scars and other natural defects. Often, because of these flaws, these lower grade leathers become unusable for the tannery. Think of how unfortunately looking vegetables are cast away even before they reach the grocery stores -- only due to their visual flaws and defects. The TRMTAB initiative helps the tannery at Prachi Leathers utilize some of their lowest selections of raw hides. 


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